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THE EASIEST COURSE TO LEARN V-RAY - Recorded with V-Ray for 3ds Max
The easy-to-follow lessons include videos, concepts and exercises to increase your awareness
with the 5-Step method and to help you become 5SRW™ Certified for V-Ray

produced over the last weeks - software: V-Ray

All the training scenes are available in both versions: V-Ray 2.xx - and - V-Ray 3.6 (or later)

A big part of his success is his unique 5-Step Render Workflow, which breaks CG learning
into easily digestible chunks while keeping an eye on the bigger picture
Complex ideas are explained in a simple and photographic manner


Lighting techniques
V-Ray Lights & HDRI

V-Ray Material
Photographic Approach

Final Render
Final settings
and Render Elements

Post Production

This certification acknowledges that you have strong Photography and V-Ray knowledge and that you're able to apply the 5-Step method 

Exam Info        The certification fee is included
NEW - We're recording the 5SRW Course
using V-Ray 3 for SketchUp

V-Ray is V-Ray. Each V-Ray platform has the same main parameters. The interface can change, but they have same concepts, same photographic vision and the 5SRW approach is exactly the same
Only for Rhino, Maya, C4D and Modo users

Lessons are easy to follow and can be streamed online at any time
Download scenes and materials with all the V-Ray settings included
Ask official V-Ray instructors questions directly. We are glad to support you by email and welcome you to our reserved
5SRW group on Fb
Apply photography to renders to get photorealistic results
This concept makes our method logical, comfortable and easy to apply
Access to the certification is included in the subscription fee
Study and get 5SRW-certified

- Access to the entire 5SRW Course | V-Ray for 3ds Max
- All lessons are progressive and follow a clear methodology
- Downladable 3D Scenes for V-Ray 2 & 3.60 and superior
- Support from V-Ray Certified Trainers
- Access to the 5SRW Certification for V-Ray
- Access to the 5SRW Reserved Facebook Group

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Ciro Sannino is quite honestly one of the best 3d instructors I’ve seen in my career. The way he breaks down and explains complex concepts is borderline genius

Jeff Mottle / CEO cgarchtect.com

I hired several Ciro´s ex-students! He explains the core of ArchViz in such a simple way that is easy to understand and rich for everyone.

Patricio Navarro / CEO
We are official partner on the 5SRW project. I love the way how contents are explained and I like so much the results from Learnvray members

Vasilis Koutilis

Versions - V-RAY 3.5 update (read details)

1. All scenes are also available with V-Ray 3.5 (or higher version) settings
In the download section of each lesson, you can download the scene of the relative exercise
either in V-Ray version 3.5 (or higher) and in V-Ray version 2.XX

2. Lessons updated to V-Ray 3.5 for 3ds Max
The course includes two parts:

- The first part (10 lessons) is about the software and the approach
This part is available in both versions: V-Ray 2 & V-Ray 3.5 in ENGLISH, ITALIAN, SPANISH and HEBREW
We'are translating the other languages, meanwhile you'll have access to the English version

- The second part regards the 5SRW techniques
It has been recorded using V-Ray 2.5 - All the photographic techniques are universal. Lighting, materials, and post-production have the same interface and procedures in all the V-Ray versions

3. What version of 3ds Max is required?
The 3ds Max files included in the corse are compatible with any version of 3ds Max, 2014 or superior

4. Is the 5SRW method for V-Ray 2 or 3?
It doesn't matter what version you use. You'll learn how to apply photography to renders and this is not related to the V-Ray version. Of course, there are little differences in some tools, but the approach is exactly the same. For any doubt check the demo: Settings - Comparison V-Ray 2 & 3. If you have any questions, our support will be glad to help you

5. I am a SKETCHUP user. Are the videos available for my software?
YES, This is the great news! We are working on the 5SRW Course, completely recorded with SketchUp, using V-Ray 3.4 SEND ME Info

6. I am a Rhino/Maya/C4D/Modo user. Are the videos available for my software?
Videos are prerecorded with V-Ray for 3ds Max, but we have all native files for your software. You can download them and check the implementation of the method. Before subscribing, leave your email to get a coupon -> CLIK HERE

7. I am a Rhino/Maya/C4D/Modo user. Will it be easy to adapt to me?
V-Ray is always V-Ray and photography and lighting never change. You'll just have to adapt to different interfaces. In any case, we suggest you take the course only if you are already a bit confident with 'your V-Ray'. Before subscribing, leave your email to get a coupon -> CLIK HERE


1. How does the course work?
After signing up, you will have immediate access to all online lessons. You can study according to your time and contact the support team if you encounter difficulties with the explanations or files. You can also participate in the reserved group on Facebook and you will have access to the '5SRW Certification for V-Ray' exam. At the end of the year you can renew and add new advanced lessons at a reduced cost, reserved only for members

2. How can I pay?
You can pay by credit/debit card, Paypal or Bank transfer. Select your preferred payment method at the bottom of the subscription page

3. Can I pay in US dollars if I have a different currency?
Sure, it's all automatic. You can safely pay your subscription with your cards, paypal or bank: the conversion is made according to the daily exchange rate (your bank may apply a conversion fee)

4. The course fee appears in dollars. How can I convert it to my currency?
Google can help you: type, for example,"400 Dollars in Euros or other amounts/currencies to know the amount in your currency

5. Can I pay with my personal credit/debit card and get the invoice issued to a company?
Yes, we can issue the invoice according to your needs. Once you make a payment then you can request the invoice to support@learnvray.com

6. Is it possible to pay in installments?
We're sorry. We give immediate access to the entire course and we only accept single payments


1. Could I get an offer including the book "Photography and Rendering with V-Ray"?
Of course! We have a reserved offer for this combination. 50% discount as well for the bundle including the products: "5SRW Course + Book": Get it HERE

2. When will this offer expire?
The countdown is extended by 24h each time a user signs up. If the registrations stop, the countdown expires and the offer changes

3. What are the costs of renewing my subscription after 1 year?
We always offer a second year renewal with a discount of about 50% on the price of the first year, including new advanced lessons, the support of instructors and access to certification (if it has not been achieved)


1. Do I need a V-Ray License to start the course?
It is not needed. If you do not already have a copy of V-Ray, we can add an 'Educational V-Ray License' to your account with at a small additional cost. It is a fully functional copy of V-Ray for learning purposes only and valid for 1 year. You can bundle the EDU License + 5SRW Course HERE

2. Do I need to know V-Ray to start the course?
No. The 5SRW course includes 10 lessons to get to know V-Ray. The course starts from scratch and you can study with us even if you have never opened V-Ray before

3. Do I need to know photography?
No, the course has been designed to mix V-Ray and Photography gradually, following a solid structure and progressive lessons. You will learn how to use photography and V-Ray from scratch

4. Do I need to know Photoshop?
No, our course starts from the basics and moves to more advanced topic gradually. You will easily learn all the post production techniques using Photoshop

5. Do I need to know 3ds Max?
If you’ve never used it before, we can add more 7 lessons to learn 3ds Max from the beginning (no additional costs). This extra content is available in English and Italian

6. Do I need a special PC to start the course?
Absolutely not. We use light scenes to explain all the concepts. So a 'regular' PC or laptop (i5 processor, for example) will be fine to carry out all the exercises included in the course

7. Is this course perfect for me?
Each video lesson is approximately 15 minutes and, more importantly, each lesson goes straight to the point! You don't have time to waste and we want to give you all the contents in the easiest and fastest way possible. This course has been designed for professionals and students who want to start with V-Ray and realistic renders, learning the process with the photographic approach in the simplest way


1. Is the course only available online?
Yes, video lessons are only accessible online. Access to the platform, support, to the reserved group and to the Certification are part of the package called "1-Year FULL" and is all available exclusively online

2. Are the videos subtitled?
Yes, you can enable English subtitles in each video lesson

3. Is the course scheduled, or am I free to study?
The course is self-paced. You can access and review the lessons infinite times, at any time. Each lesson includes a video (around 15 minutes), text, images and START and END versions of the 3D files. For any problems, curiosity or clarification, you can personally contact our trainers using the box message under the lesson or sending an email to support@learnvray.com

4. Do the online course and book have the same contents?
It's much better. Many of our members have both and they regard them as complementary to each other. The book offers additional perspectives on the lessons offered. The book acts as a resource to broaden your understanding and expand your horizons

5. Can I download videos?
The videos are only available in streaming and are combined with the support


1. May I ask the instructors all my doubts?
Of course. If something is not clear in the lessons, you have to ask! We will clarify all your doubts. In particular, especially we will help you focus your energy on relevant topics to avoid wasting your time

2. Can I have a review on my personal projects?
You can share your projects on our Facebook group. The group is restricted to Learnvray Members and you’ll find many great artists around the world, ready to share their ideas with you

3. Will I be able to develop works like the ones I see in the gallery?
That is our desire and goal! We can guarantee that the works you see in the gallery are the result of learning our method and the contents we offer. Much, however, depends on you and your desire to learn and practice. We'll provide you with all the necessary knowledge to achieve the best results

4. How much time will it take me to be able to produce such amazing renders?
It is up to you. You know, passion and perseverance are the keys to success. The 5SRW course is a way to amplify your potential and to shorten the learning time. Ultimately, it depends on you. Our goal is to help give you relevant knowledge, so that you can focus your energy on what really makes a difference in order to get your results in much less time

5SRW Certification for V-Ray

1. Is there an extra fee for the certification test?
The fee is included in the subscription. 3 months after subscribing, you can book your test when you prefer

2. How does the test work?
The test to get the certification is online. For more comprehensive information, please visit the official page

3. Will I get the certification I've completed the course, or do I need to pass a test?
We only offer official certifications and you’ll need to pass a test to get it

4. What if I fail the first attempt of ‘5SRW Certification for V-Ray’?
You can do the test again after 3 months by paying a modest fee of $30. The first attempt is already included in your subscription fee (statistically those who have followed the method taught have almost always cleared the certification at the first attempt)